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Cinemalaya Trophies

THE Cultural Center of the Philippines is proud to present an extensive exhibition on Philippine film history that will open on Saturday, 3 August, 3:30pm at the CCP Bulwagang Juan Luna (Main Gallery). Titled Scenes Reclaimed: CCP 50 x Cinemalaya 15,the exhibition traces the historical participation of CCP in the development of Philippine cinema across its first 50 years of service, culminating in its establishment of the first nationwide independent film festival, Cinemalaya, currently also celebrating its 15th year anniversary.

Cinemalaya Scripts

Scenes Reclaimedpresents a rich array of artworks, artifacts, photographs, and videos representing crucial moments and issues throughout the history of the Philippine film in the context of the CCP. The exhibition begins with the Marcos years and the conjugal dictatorship’s use of cinema in creating their political and cultural mythology. It then goes into the post-EDSA period of the CCP with its thrust to democratize, decentralize and Filipinize. The third alcove of the gallery presents the various programs that served as the impetus for the rise in independent film production and regional cinema, leading into the Cinemalaya Festival. The Cinemalaya section of the exhibition presents the 2019 competition films alongside a study of the annual Cinemalaya Film Congress. The exhibition also includes a general timeline of the Philippine film industry, with a special focus on the National Artists for film, as well as the relationship between the Philippine film industry and Philippine politics.

Scenes Reclaimedis curated by the team of Patrick F. Campos, Karl Castro, Tito Quiling, Jr., and Louise Jashil Sonido, with the CCP Visual Arts and Museum Division and the CCP Film, and New Media and Broadcast Division.

Cinemalaya Congress

Scenes Reclaimed may be viewed until September 24, 2019 at the CCP’s Bulwagang Juan Luna (Main Gallery). Exhibit viewing hours during the Cinemalaya Film Festival (2-11 August) are from 9am to 9pm. Regular viewing hours are Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm. Hours are extended until 10pm on days with evening performances at the CCP Main Theater. For more information, contact the CCP Visual Arts and Museum Division, Production and Exhibition Department, at (632) 832-1125 loc. 1504/1505 and (632) 832-3702, mobile (0917) 6033809, email or visit 



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