Aaron Matthew Orbase: A Promising Filmmaker Who Proved His Doubters Wrong

The famous quote “work hard in silence, let success be your noise” is tailored- fit for the 23-year old young filmmaker Aaron Matthew Orbase.

Fondly called by his friends “Mao,” he considers himself a late-bloomer when it comes to filmmaking. After finishing his secondary education, he was totally clueless about what to pursue in college. All he knew was he really loves taking photos, that’s it.

Maybe, destiny has its own way of showing what’s really meant for him until he found himself enrolling at the Multimedia Arts program at De La Salle Lipa where he started to unlock his full potential in photography and eventually ventured into filmmaking. Thanks to Gilberto Mejillano Jr. or commonly known as “Gibo,” who served as his first mentor, he learned the different techniques and processes both in photography and filmmaking.