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Adamson University's Silip@Lente Kicks off REALIFILM ‘21

To embolden aspiring filmmakers in showcasing their imaginative minds and concepts through aesthetic quality of contents in filmmaking, Silip@Lente launched REALIFILM 2021, an annual Film Festival of Adamson University.

WIth the theme, “Silver Lining: Peeking Through the Chaos,” REALIFILM 2021 will conduct its film viewing on March 6 to 7 via Zoom. This film festival is an inter-school competition and is open to all bonafide undergraduate students and aspiring filmmakers not only at Adamson University, but also with college filmmaking students nationwide.

For the eligibility of film entries, they have to adhere to the local regulations set by the government, thus, they advised all participating student-film groups to avoid shooting outdoors and practice health protocols.

Fifteen films were selected to be part of this year’s REALIFILM, including: “Ilaw” by Moonlight Films, “Waltz of Qualm” by Kiko Films, “Ugoy ng Tanikala” by Rolling Dice Studios, “Ang Dala ng Kawalan” by Sinesibol, “Sa Ibayo ng Pagtangis by Cinemarehas, “How’s My Driving” by Arkos Digital, “Awitin!” by Shilid Productions, “Naraniag A Bulan” by Peliculanihan, “IAMANNIKA” by Tuklaw Films, “Buntong Hininga” by Primatika Films, “Ang Muling Pagsibol ng Araw na Pula” by Dark House Pictures, “Shapeshifters” by Rapid Eye Media, “Minuto Pighati” by PL Productions, “Sinasid” by Sinaya Productions and “Dum Spiro Spero” by Sirius Motion Pictures.

According to the Vice President of Silip@Lente Jerjhen Mica Salazar who spearheaded the event, since it is pandemic, they made sure to utilize the online platform to support the growing community of student filmmakers.

“We will continue to support, motivate, and encourage all of those aspiring filmmakers to be still and evoke desires along their journey,” Salazar shared.

She also added that young filmmakers should continue to pursue their passion, explore, and don’t be afraid to share their creative masterpiece.

“Learn how to maximize your abilities and learn how to positively accept criticisms for improvements. Just be open with new learnings and always challenge yourself to create something new that would highly influence your audience,” Salazar ended.

A virtual awards night for REALIFILM 2021 will take place on March 13 to recognize the five standout films .

Aside from the inter-school competition Film Festival, they also had a “WEBINARSERYE” last February 6 and 20 with media practitioner guest speakers: Mira Ticlao (Producer), Rona Co (ABS-CBN Screenwriter), and guest artist Keann Johnson, actor from “The Boy Foretold by the Stars.”

The webinars also seeked to educate the students about the different techniques in script and screenwriting, insights about directing, and to widen each skill in making creative concepts. Moreover, this will encourage inter-collegiate collaborations and other external relationships in the organization and university.



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