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Becoming a Fan of Marpolo

I have always been a big fan of people with big dreams. Those who has a clear vision for themselves and work extra mile to make it happen. They have a special place in my heart because just like them, I am also a dreamer. Writing for The Film Dream is a dream in itself, but it’s the opportunity to talk to people from different backgrounds that really excites me. Finally, I got the chance to speak with a talented artist who is making waves in this art world.

Meet 32-year old Marco Polo Cabrera. What will actually surprise you is he is not just an artist, he is also a writer, editor, photographer, sales and marketing guy of MarPolo Arts.

This Laguna native artist draws inspiration from music and emotions to come up with astounding masterpieces of paintings that are mostly abstract.

As a young kid, Marpolo used to really love paintings and artworks, but since he also wants to pursue his degree in Mass Communication at Laguna State Polytechnic University, his passion in painting was put on hold. He landed a good career at ABS-CBN where he worked for almost 10 years, and lo and behold, in the same company, he found his first client for his artwork.

“Laking gulat ko, when my boss actually purchased my first painting. It took me years to finally be back on doing what I really love, and I am just grateful that she trusted my art,” Marpolo shared.

That life-changing moment encouraged Marpolo to paint more and showcase his creativity. He mentioned that whenever he paints, he listens to music because it helps him find the right colors, and it also develops the images and shapes that serve as an inspiration for his artworks.

In 2018, Marpolo enrolled in a short-course at La Salle College of Arts in Singapore through the help of his brother to further enrich his creative flair. It has always been an aspiration for him to paint, and finally he is living the dream.

For almost 8 years of painting, MarPolo already staged three solo exhibits for his artworks: “Explorations” at Gateway Gallery in 2018, “Infinite Possibilities” at Nova Gallery Makati in April 2019 and “Taking Chances” at Robinsons Galleria in October 2019.

He also has well-known clients for his paintings including TV host Boy Abunda and ABS-CBN President, Carlo Katigbak. In just a short period of time, he has made a name for himself.

But just like any other dreamer, he didn’t stop there. In December of 2020, the MarPolo Printed Canvas Tote bags came to life. Most of the designs printed on his tote bags drew inspiration from his paintings of flowers and abstract, which really make it so unique, plus it’s eco-friendly. More importantly, through his artworks, he wants to share different stories that will impact people’s lives.

“I also want to change the wrong connotation that tote bags are solely designed for girls. Everyone can use tote bags as long as you’re comfortable wearing it,” Marpolo added. Moreover, he shared that an artwork is never limited in hanging it on your walls, it can also be worn.

His tote bags are truly a masterpiece on its own, but Marpolo has a lot more in his bucket list. He dreams that every artist should be given an equal chance and opportunity to prove themselves.

“Lahat tayo ay artists, nag-aral ka man o hindi, baguhan or veteran. There’s art within all of us. Maniwala ka lang sa art mo, maniwala ka sa ginagawa mo. Kahit sabihin nilang pangit ‘yan, art pa rin ‘yan. Walang pangit na art, after all.”

His perspective towards what he does best is evident and I am not surprised, little by little he’s becoming the successful person he has always desired to become. In fact, he has an upcoming back-to-back exhibit on May 1 entitled “UNEXPECTED” with Totong Francisco III, the grandson of renowned muralist and National Artist Botong Francisco, at Robinsons Galleria ARTABLADO in Ortigas, Quezon City.

I am now a fan of Marpolo Cabrera. Not just of his tote bags, but his dreams. Truly one of a kind!

Product Name: Marpolo Printed Canvas Tote bag

Size: 17 X14

Retail price: Php. 350

Printed on white canvas, A4 Sublimation Print

For orders and inquiries:

PS: I can’t wait to purchase my first Marpolo tote bag. Place your orders now! Wink, wink.



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