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Cinemalaya16 Films in Exhibition


Directed by Lawrence Arvin Sibug

Running Time: 12:50

Genre: Drama

SYNOPSIS: With millions of Filipinos who choose to work abroad hoping of a better life, nothing is more heartwarming than going back home. Daisy Resurreccion, an overseas Filipino worker, comes home lifeless after years of working in a foreign land. It is a homecoming that reveals a more complicated narrative.


Directed by Arby and Christine Laraño

Running Time: 13:53

SYNOPSIS: Back in his younger days, Alfredo fell in love with a young woman and bore a child with her. Because of many issues, the relationship failed. He initially attempted to keep their child, but soon realized that he didn’t have the means to raise him. Resolute, he turned over the child to the young woman and her family and never looked back since. Now in his 50s, Alfredo blissfully lives with his family among his pigs and chickens in a rural town in Laguna. But one day, a filmmaker approaches him to interrogate him about the choices that he made.


Directed by Sarah Mya Regacho

Running Time: 15 minutes

Genre: Drama

SYNOPSIS: After his son's sudden disappearance, a single father searches day and night to find him. How far can he go?


Directed by Aedrian Araojo

SYNOPSIS: A beguiling series of psychedelic random footage encapsulates pieces of memories of children survivors during the Marawi siege. They revisit their stories of survival in the onset of the war. These little dreamers still hope that one day, they will return in their normal and playful lives and revive the place they once called home.


Directed by Cody Abad

Running Time: 19:43

Genre: Drama

SYNOPSIS: John flies home to attend his father’s funeral. All the pieces of furniture are moved to one corner, with the dining table arranged for guests and their bedrooms removed of its function. With his mom Leia, they learn how to put together what was removed and rearranged.


Directed by Kyle Francisco

Running Time: 9:31

Genre: Drama, Queer

SYNOPSIS: A dysfunctional father and son – one still coping from a loss, the other with a highly stigmatized illness – are compelled to talk to one another to make ends meet and heal the wounds of their relationship.


Directed by Christian Paolo Lat & Mia Salisbury

Running Time: 15:00

SYNOPSIS: Dong is an OFW struggling to make means end meet as an illegal kitchen worker at a local Asian restaurant. He stays with his distant aunt Lally and her family that constantly treats him as an outsider. When Dong’s pay gets held up and he discovers his mother's leukemia treatment is taking a harsh toll on her, he is put in a desperate situation and faced with looking for fast cash to send back home.


Directed by Geoffrey Solidum

Running Time 13:26

Genre: Fantasy, Action

SYNOPSIS: Set in 1896, at the start of the Philippine revolution, Liwa the Mambabarang, Ula the Tiktik, Ughaw the Manananggal, and the rest of Aswangs are facing extinction due to Spanish colonizers who are poisoning the minds of the Filipinos to maintain the Spanish culture, where oppression and deceit could be hidden in plain sight. The three powerful entities argue on the necessity to join arms with the Katipunan as faction leaders to help defeat the race that is killing them and bring back what was once a peaceful and harmonious relationship. The trio along with the rest of Katipuneros act out their planned siege to defeat the Espanyols while realizing along the way that the fight is about something much bigger than peace and harmony - it is also about the humane living of the Filipinos.


Directed by Joey Paras

Genre: Drama

SYNOPSIS: In the midst of the Taal Volcano eruption in the Philippines, an old woman named Josa struggles to fetch and deliver some pails of water to respective houses in the shanty alleys of Manila. She does this just to earn some transportation money, which she needs to send right away for the immediate retrieval of her second husband and son who are both trapped in an island in Batangas, which is totally devastated by the eruption.


Directed by Avid Liongoren

Running Time: 7 minutes Genre: Dark comedy

SYNOPSIS: Jepoy is a little bullied boy who likes super heroes. At the wake of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, he realizes that the answer to his problems is the incoming radiation.


Directed by Dolliete Cristi Mari Echon

Running Time: 17:02

Genre: Experimental, Cinedance

SYNOPSIS: Maya, a farmer living in the rural area, finds herself stuck in a repetitive cycle. As she struggles to break free from it, she meets Alon, a fellow farmer dancing proudly and freely with his bolo.

12. MATA

Directed by Bryan Kenette Padilla

SYNOPSIS: Kurt sells burgers to earn a living. When he tried to catch the perpetrator of a crime committed in front of his burger stand, he made a decision that he will regret for the rest of his life.


Directed by Shievar Olegario

Running Time: 19:57

Genre: Experimental, Techno-horror

SYNOPSIS: An elusive graphic designer maintains a website where he dumps his artworks and stolen retouched photos. After several days of hiatus, he tries to update it by finishing an artwork. Disappointed, he manipulates a photo instead and uses it as the website’s new content. He waits for the flood of notifications, and then he ends his night. The morning after, he cluelessly arrives in another dimension.


Directed by Seb Valdez

Running Time: 15:58

Genre: Thriller

SYNOPSIS: A series of disappearances occurred in Himogaan River because of an alleged Mermaid living beneath it. The people feared for this except for Andoy, 34, a lonely fisherman who still lives by the riverbanks. He continues to fish, and gets “kayog” every day in the river.


Directed by Jermaine Tulbo

Running Time: 13:30

Genre: Drama, Narrative

SYNOPSIS: Stunned by the death of his parents, 15-year-old Cesar Leopardo is forced to look after his siblings Harvey and Amelia. One day, his friend Miguel visits their town after a long time. While battling against nature which he took for granted, he costs the life of his long-lost best friend.


Directed by Gilliano Salvador

Running Time 11:09

Genre: Animation

SYNOPSIS: Sometime in the early 70s, Gloria David-Cruz went through several sleepless nights because of the frequent pestering of a duwende. She even tried spending a night at her sister’s house in the neighbouring barangay thinking that the duwende could not follow her there. But the duwende was already there as she entered the room she was supposed to sleep in. Gloria and Adelaida were referred to a folk healer from Malolos who advised them to do a paghahain. On the night of the ritual, they learned the duwende’s name is Juan. The duwende was angry was because Gloria unknowingly showered the creature with urine when she relieved herself. After Gloria asked forgiveness from the duwende, Juan never came back to bother her again. This is based on a true story.


Directed by Jermaine Tulbo

Running Time: 11:50

Genre: Family, Drama, Narrative

SYNOPSIS: Isabel talks about how her Ate Mindalyn took everything on her shoulders. Mindalyn buried her parents all on her own beneath the farmland they used to call home, with Isabel making a cross out of a piece of a wood 30 years later. Mindalyn and Isabel are now living in a proper house. Through time, while Isabel finally reaches her dream to be a teacher, Mindalyn is not that strong as she used to be. She suffers from ALS (Amyotriphic lateral sclerosis) that is about to take over her life.


Directed by Mick Quito

SYNOPSIS: Fernando is released from prison and joins his family. At first, it seems his new life would be an opportunity to start over again, only for him to realize that things are not the same.


Directed by Arvin Belarmino

Running Time: 16:51

SYNOPSIS: Roel, a pedicab driver, works alongside his wife, Aya, a prostitute, in a place where they can wishfully earn just enough to survive. An expected incident in what was supposed to be a normal day will test their faith and forever change their lives.


Avirup Biswas (Indian Film under Foreign films)

Running Time 18:57 Genre - Drama, Romance

SYNOPSIS: Abhishek, a psychiatrist and medical officer of the Gandhi Mental Hospital, has rented an apartment near his workplace. Living opposite his apartment, there is a girl who suffers from a mental illness as a result of the rape incident that happened to her a few months ago. Abhishek slowly heals her by love.



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