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DAMA DE NOCHE - A short film produced through 'ambagan'

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

A homecoming – any Filipino who works overseas lives for this day. They look forward to reunions. They look forward to rest. They look forward to catching up with loved ones.

Filipino overseas worker to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Daisy Resurreccion finally comes home after years of being away from her family. But what is supposed to be a day of celebration and reunion has turned the other way.

Dama de Noche tells the story consequent to Daisy’s coming home to a family who’s always been expecting a better life as a result of her toil abroad – a common Filipino family story told in a uniquely crafted visual presentation and perspective. “The entire plot grew from a simple question that I threw in a conversation with Nathan (Perez),” Dama de Noche director, Lawrence Arvin Sibug recalled. “I asked, ‘brad, ano kayang feeling ng patay?’”

Sibug, together with office colleagues Nathan Perez, Karen Adiova, Jill Aspiras, and Steph Angeles enrolled in a company-initiated class called Multiplatform Visual Storytelling where they took so much inspiration in giving birth to this story that was, on the onset, meant only to be submitted as a final project for the class. Hence, Studio Onse, a small production outfit focused on collaborations with fellow creatives in the workplace. And through its partnership with The Film Dream, Studio Onse is set to become a hub for people who are looking for a safe venue to make their passion projects become a reality.

Janus del Prado plays the brother of Daisy

Studio Onse also appreciates the kindness of the people who generously shared their resources and helped them from the conceptualization, brainstorms, shoot, post production and even up to compliance to the Cinemalaya submission requirements. “We consider it really a product of ‘ambagan’. We don’t have enough money to push through with this, so we literally passed the hat to gather enough funding,” Sibug mentioned. “That is why becoming part of the Cinemalaya short film exhibition is already a huge thing for us -- a team that has nothing but passion to tell great stories.”

Dama de Noche, which features the geniuses of Joel Saracho, Star Orjaliza and Janus del Prado, sets sail starting August 7-16 through the Cinemalaya 2020 short film exhibition. More details will be provided through the official Facebook page of Dama de Noche



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