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ELJ Center for Media Arts SHS Docu Film Festival: A Testament to Young Filmmakers' adaptability

To assess the understanding of learners on the impact of the pandemic in the cultural, economical, educational, and social facets, as well as to provide an avenue for the Grade 12 students to showcase their skills in filmmaking, the Eugenio Lopez Jr. Center for Media Arts Senior High School (ELJCMASHS) launched its first ever digital Documentary Film Festival on February 18.

With six participating films, the ELJCMASHS film festival also seeks to highlight the six integrated subjects such as, Research and Writing for Non- Narrative Script, Developing Filipino Identity, Physical and Personal Development in the Arts, Introduction to Production Design and the 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World.

“The school continues to provide more opportunities for the students to explore and learn for the development of their knowledge and skills in film-making. This is a collaboration of Media Arts Faculty and Core subject teachers,” Ma. Jana Egualan, Media Arts Coordinator shared.

This pandemic has been affecting a lot of industries and filmmaking is not an exemption, but just like other industries who are making it thru amidst all the drastic changes, the teachers in ELJCMASHS confidently believe that in one way or another the filmmakers will see this pandemic as a window for the rebirth of the film industry where the students can explore more ways to serve the general public with quality information and entertainment.

In order to make the Documentary Film Festival possible, the ELJCMASHS released a general guideline parallel to the protocol given by the state. The students were not allowed to go outside, therefore all phases in the production were done virtually-- from planning, consultations, pre-production, even the shoot, and post-production phase.

Indeed, it is a manifestation of the young and talented filmmakers’ adaptability and creativity.

Here are the six participating documentary films at the 2021 ELJCMASHS Documentary Film Festival:



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