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It All Started in School...

We are about to tell you a story of a man, his love for films and his dream of becoming a film director. Lee, a young storyteller, has traveled to many places in the Philippines. His roots are from down South but grew up in Metro Manila. He has experienced a lot in life and wanted to share it with the world through visual storytelling. Like many of us, it all started in school when Lee and his classmates were tasked to produce a short film at the University of the East - Manila. In school, where most of our dreams were formed... Years passed and Lee "got busy" with other things. From being a host, writer, director, and also a TV producer at GMA Network, Inc., he has experienced the highs and the lows. And these experiences have shaped, misshapen, and reshaped his whole being. His exposure through the years in working on both GMA News and Public Affairs and Entertainment departments made a huge contribution to his filmmaking journey.

Leonard Junio Gasid, or simply known as Lee, is a freelance events host, writer, and director and also a TV producer at GMA Network, Inc. Some of his internationally acclaimed shows were Survivor, Amazing Race, Lip Sync Battle, and MTV Asia's Generation Change. During his time as a researcher, GMA won Bronze World Medal at New York Festivals' World's Best TV and Films for the Front Row's documentary "Lusong Dunong" (School Swamps). His other show Wagas, a drama anthology where he was given an opportunity to be an assistant director, researcher, and location manager was awarded a Certificate of Excellence at US International Film and Video Festival for "The Diego and Gabriela Silang Love Story". But he believes that learning indeed never stops so he took film classes under Direk Raymond Red and at Asia Pacific Film Institute. Fast forward to 2020, as he continues his passion for filmmaking, the student is ready to learn again. And this time, to share his learnings while he is on his storytelling journey through PeLEEkula Facebook Page.

The film page aims to share some of his works and updates on his filmmaking journey. For its debut, it released back-to-back his award-winning short films. First is "5 Piso" which won Best Short Film and Lualhati Award at Gawad Silangan. Then next is "Sinugba" which was awarded Gawad Silangan's Best Story, Best Screenplay, and People's Choice Award. Watch out for more Flash Fiction Films (FFF) showing soon at PeLEEkula. Gawad Silangan is presented by the Association of Broadcasting Students, Journalism Society, and College of Arts and Sciences Student Council of the University of the East - Manila, its goal is to let the young creatives shine in the east.

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