Mark Giddel Liwanag: A Student Filmmaker and Pangasinan’s Pride


That would perfectly describe how I felt upon watching a student film entitled, “Sa Layag ng Bangkang Paurong.” It is a documentary film directed by 16-year old Mark Giddel Liwanag from Alaminos City National High School.

This 15-minute documentary shot entirely at Alaminos, Pangasinan famously known for its Hundred Islands is truly a masterpiece. It mirrors the story of Pangasinense boatmen who primarily transport tourists as their source of living.

“It emphasizes the issues and needs that beset young people of today and how they affect the country’s pursuit to achieve the demographic dividend. Meeting the needs of these young people contributes largely to the attainment of their full development into adulthood,” Giddel emphasized.