Meet the Creative Geniuses behind What About Productions

It takes a village to make a film. Not to mention, run a production house.

But ten creative geniuses who graduated with a Communication Arts degree from the University of Sto. Tomas withstood all odds and made it happen. In January 2019, “What About Productions” was born with a common goal of bringing out powerful narratives and stories to the rest of the world.

The Film Dream is fortunate to have an exciting Q and A with their Director, Dan Angelo Eligado and the rest of his creative team.

What About Productions' creative team with their talents during the film production of "Peksman"

When and How did “What About Prod” start? What circumstances led you to form What About Prod? (answers came from FR)

Our team actually began making Short Films for our Film Class in college back in 2018, but the actual production house - What About Productions, was born in the latter part of our senior year (around January 2019) for our Film Production course.

We came up with the name What About Productions because we realized that we kept on starting with the phrase “What about…” when we pitch our ideas during brainstorming sessions haha! We believe that by using that name, it really gives the production house a huge part of how we are as a team and as individuals, aside from the fact that the films we made had a touch of each of our personalities. You could say that all of those personalities put together can lead you to the long and adventurous flow of creativity that begins with “What about…”