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Monumento Film Festival: Through the Years to Pursuit and Showcase the Passion for Filmmaking

The Monumento Film Festival (MFF) is an annual event organized by the Communication Department of the University of Caloocan City. In fulfillment of the Introduction to Film course, the Bachelor of Arts in Communication Students are bound to craft and produce exemplary film entries shown in the cinema with stories that define values, life struggles, and success that shape the essence of filmmaking.

The MFF is the brainchild of a Caloocan dream's to hone the skills and talents of Caloocan youths in literature. Started back in April 2017 with the theme “Filipino Values and Culture”, the four pioneering film entries include; “Mate” (Action), “Tempoperso” (Drama), “Nagmahal, Nasaktan, Naglason” (Comedy), and “Kubabaw” (Horror). These entries from the first-ever film festival were shown in SM Cinema, Sangandaan Caloocan City.

Following the success and the overwhelming support to the first MFF, in 2018 the celebration of this highly decorative event continued with the 2nd MFF, themed “Banyuhay” which was shown at SM City Fairview. The four film entries to MFF 2018 are as follows; “Krayola”, “Unhinged”, “Agent Ala King”, and “Piso Piso”.

On its 3rd year, the theme of MFF was “Slice of Life”, wherein two film entries “Amanos”, and “5.)” were shown in SM Cinema, Sangandaan.

Amidst the preparations for the Monumento Film Festival in 2020, the unfortunate pandemic happened and as the traditional face-to-face classes were on hold, the annual event was canceled following its 3-year successful run in the University.

Although the pandemic postponed the event, it did not stop the Communication Advocates from the University of Caloocan City to pursue and share their passion for filmmaking. The productions have put their adaptive capacity, resourcefulness, and collaborative teamwork to the test when MFF resumed through virtual modality for two consecutive years.

The (4th) Monumento Film Festival in 2021, with the film entries; “Her Dream”, “Sinagtala”, “Ang Gugma ni Mama”, and “Kuliling” premiered via Zoom in October of that year.

Then, the 5th Monumento Film Festival held in June 2022, was streamed via Dailymotion (a video-sharing platform) with its three official entries “Bukang Liwayway”, “Eden”, and “Pangadyi”.

Now, on its 6th year, the Monumento Film Festival goes back to the big screen this May 2023. The Bachelor of Arts in Communication Students from both UCC campuses are ready to showcase their creative film entries with the theme “Alpas: Paglaban at Paghilom”.

Brace yourselves to witness the two official entries for #MFF2023, “Tahan Na” by LipadLaya Productions of BA COMM North, and “Ang Pangarap si Pedro. Si Mikay ang Pangarap” by Diwa; Likha of BA COMM South.

Catch the official film entries to the 6th Monumento Film Festival this May 27, 2023, at SM Central Sangandaan, Cinema 1. Witness stories of triumphant journeys, of courage and breakthrough, and together let us ponder the question “What if?”

Tickets are now on sale. For inquiries, please contact the official Facebook page of Monumento Film Festival, and follow for more and daily #MFF2023 updates.



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