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Niche Studios Takes Us Back to the 90’s With ‘Roll the Tape’ Episode 2

An exciting show is coming our way this Friday! Mark your calendars on May 21 at 2pm and tune in at UST Tiger TV Facebook Account.

Niche Studios, a media house led by Communication Arts students from the University of Sto. Tomas, will bring us back to the 90’s as they present the second episode of “Roll the Tape,” a magazine show that looks back on film, television and pop culture.

This 22-minute magazine program circles on the trends and significance of film and pop culture in the 90’s era, the famous games to the trendiest fashion, as well as how it influenced and differed to the present time.

When asked why this is a must watch show, The Film Dream is lucky to meet some of the people working behind the scenes from Niche Studios.

Ninna Viloria, Segment Director

“For me, this is a show to watch out for because of the feeling of nostalgia in the 90’s. We cannot go back to that time physically, but we can still reminisce. Gone are the days when we keep on wishing that we live in the 90’s, we’re bringing it back to you. This also can help people who lived in the 90s to trace back their journey and capture their hearts. Reminiscing in a more modern take as well as playing along with the feeling of nostalgia.”’

Patsy Sios-e, Executive Producer

“While it's also reminiscing, we are also putting a tag on where it all came from, and putting them in a place to shine. This is where you came from, this is where I came from, this is what influenced how we act, how we think right here, right now in the contemporary times.”

Clarisse Grajo, Associate Producer

“One of the special touches that Niche Studios brought to this episode of Roll The Tape is our guest, Direk Raymond Red who is an independent filmmaker and we’re guesting him in a show which is mainstream centered. Another touch and perspective into our show.”

The first segment entitled, “Fast Forward,” will focus on establishing how the culture of the 90’s has endured to the current times. It follows various people giving their perception of a certain era through giving comments, reactions, and the like. On the other hand the second segment, “And Cut,” is a game portion at the final body of the show where the host and the guest are put against each other in a timed contest of guessing the context of a series of reenacted scenes from famous films during that era.

With all the chaos going around, everyone deserves a breather. From the comfort of our own homes, we can enjoy a show that is fun and relaxed but informative all in one. Make sure to tune in at UST Tiger TV Facebook Account on May 21 at 2pm as they roll the tape!



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