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Now Streaming: "AFS Cineatenista22: Bituin Sa Madilim Na Kalawakan"

It's film fest week anew!

This year, The Ateneo Filmmakers Society drew inspiration from stories that cultivate hope and shines even in the darkest of times. The theme, "Cineatenista22: Bituin sa Madilim na Kalawakan" will take us into a world of creativity and impactful storytelling.

Catch all these amazing films presented by The Ateneo Filmmakers Society in partnership with The Film Dream from March 7 to March 11 on their official Youtube page. Click here to WATCH.


‘’Myke Test"

Directed by: Nhyl Josh Ibañez and Isabelle Gallego; Assistant Directors: RB Lizada and Mariah Lacorte

Starring Don Mcrey Parone and Mariah Lacorte

LOGLINE: When his greatest pal left him after his seven-day grant, a talented young man confronts a dilemma after making a promise to the girl he met on the internet.

‘’Help WanTed!"

Directed by: Shaun Panugan and Abegail del Rosario

Starring Niña Venus, Luis Torres, and Celine De Las Llagas

LOGLINE: Teddie is branded as a therapist friend. One night, she throws herself in the affairs of three of her friends and trouble ensues.

’Banana Muffin"

Directed by: Reyjie Gabriel Rosique; Assistant Director: Chalsea Mischa Cuevas and Yuko Salise

Starring Chalsea Mischa Cuevas and Reyjie Rosique

LOGLINE: On her way to visit her sick mother, Faye shares a banana muffin with a stranger she met by chance.


Directed by: Jimmy Lei Bernales and Christian Alexander Almario

Starring Arabella Maxinne Garcia and Francis Anthony Abadia

LOGLINE: Two strangers awaken from a series of hallucinations only to find themselves in a real life nightmare trapped in dark parallel rooms without anything particular to both of them.


Directed by: Sofia Beatriz Carreon and Chad Adrien Liston

Starring Steffany Grace Bitana and Stephanie Francine Bajo

LOGLINE: A hopeless romantic who dreams of living her own fairy tale love story finds herself going through several failed attemps to find romance through an app that connects people, only to find herself captivated by a person who doesn't believe in true love.


#Cineatenista22 also aims to support the children of the SOS Children's Village in Bajada, Davao City and they are encouraging everyone to donate any amount for a cause. For every penny they raise, they get to support the future of the children from Bajada, Davao City.

You may check this google form to donate:

Follow the official social media accounts of The Ateneo Filmmakers' Society to know more about their Film Festival.



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