‘Sa Gitna ng Pandemya’ by UST Angelicum College Wins at the 42nd CMMA

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

These past few months have been very challenging not just for the Filipino people but for the rest of the world. The COVID-19 pandemic took us all by surprise. Our faith is being tested and it is tough to keep our sanity intact.

No more hugs, no more kisses, no more handshakes. Our faces are all covered with face masks to prevent getting the deadly virus.

Everyone is affected. Some businesses had to shut down and a lot of employees were retrenched. Students are forced to stay home and adapt to home-based learning. Not only that, children and senior citizens are forced to stay inside their homes.

We saw millions of people dying and thousands of families starving because they can no longer put food on their tables. Jeepney drivers had to even beg on the streets because they can’t provide for their families. Our healthcare system is collapsing. A lot of nurses and doctors did not even survive the wrath of COVID-19.

These excruciating stories are just some of the many battles we are all facing today. And admit it or not, this is the kind of story that the world needs to know-- COVID-19 is real and it should be taken seriously.

This become the goal of these three young filmmakers from UST Angelicum College, Arlindane Jesusa Villanueva, Maria Helena Rosales and Ernesto Dominique Virtucio; they have successfully produced a trilogy short film entitled, “Sa Gitna ng Pandemya,” aimed to create awareness on the challenges during infection and how you can help others during this crisis.

This trio of talented and resilient filmmakers were inspired to create a story through the help of their mentor Mark Anthony Norella. The trilogy depicted the current situation in this pandemic: “Ang Sakit.”, “Ang Sakit!” and “Ang Sakit?”

“Ang Sakit.” revolved on the story of the frontliners who risked their lives to save others and continuously serve the country. Regardless if they might get infected because of their duty, or the possibility that they may not see their families again the next day, they have vowed to keep their pledge of service. The AngeliCOMM filmmakers trio highlighted the sacrifice of the heroes of today.

“Ang Sakit!” on the other hand is about the people who died because of the COVID-19 virus and it also shows how painful it was for them to lose their loved ones.

“Ang Sakit?” depicts another face of the pandemic. It focuses on people who lack empathy because they are privileged or shielded from danger. They still eat three times a day, or even more than that. They have a shelter, and may just choose to relax at home and binge watch on their favorite movies. In this third series, the filmmakers wanted to enlighten people on the value of kindness and the importance of empathy. Some people were complaining that they can’t go out, they can’t meet their friends, their plans are put on hold without even thinking of others who are experiencing the worst situations this pandemic has brought us. So instead of complaining, they want to encourage the audience to extend a helping hand to those in need.