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'Sinagtala' shines at Monumento Film Festival 2021 Awards Night

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

'Sinagtala,' a student short film written and directed by Ed Jewel Pantanilla from University of Caloocan City emerged victorious in the recently concluded Monumento Film Festival. Ten out of the eleven major awards were secured by Pantanilla together with her team "No Box Production" including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Highest Grossing Film.

Their impeccable talent and dedication was highly rewarded as they also bagged the Best Musical Scoring, Best Production Design, Best Cinematography, Best Editing and the Jury's Choice awards.

"Malaya tayong lahat na umisip ng mga ideya. Malaya tayong sumulat at lumikha hanggat 'di tayo nakakaapak ng ibang tao," Pantanilla junctured during her acceptance speech of one of their awards.

This award-winning director also extended her heartfelt gratitude to her parents who supported her throughout their film production, as well as their film professor, Mr. Rhyan Malandog. In addition, she said that she is grateful to all who have given their time to watch their film, "Sinagtala."

Ed Jewel Pantanilla, the writer and director of "Sinagtala" delivers her acceptance speech in a virtual awards night of Monumento Film Festival.

'Sinagtala' is about three main characters-- a child, a policeman, and a thief who met in afterlife. They have to go through the five stages of tests to enter heaven. As they go through those tests, they will encounter their truth and lies. They will encounter life and death. They will encounter good and bad. They will encounter themselves and their dimming starlight of hope.

The film exhibits the psychological development of its characters wherein they had the break to share their feeling of remorse when they were still alive.

Official Trailer of "Sinagtala" by No Box Production, written and directed by Ed Jewel Pantanilla

In an interview with The Film Dream, Ed Jewel said that she drafted the film having in mind the harsh reality of police brutality. She also emphasized the strength that lies in the differences of people but isn't being accepted and recognized in today's society.

Shot during the inconsistent restrictions brought by the current pandemic, the film production's greatest struggle is the lack of budget. Not everyone in the team has the resources needed for the smooth flow of its filming. Nevertheless, they still managed to complete the film through unanimous effort and hard work.

The team behind the success of "Sinagtala" an entry to the Monumento Film Festival 2021.

Aside from the major awards harvested by No Box Production, their film "Sinagtala" also won the Best Actor award for Miguel Mitiam's stellar performance as well as the Best Supporting Actor for Prince Marco Sombra and the Best Supporting Actress for Princess Dela Peña .

Official Film Poster of "Sinagtala"

Here is the complete list of winners of Monumento Film Festival 2021:

Best Poster- "Ang Gugma ni Mama" by Alon Productions

Best Supporting Actor- Prince Marco Sombra (Sinagtala)

Best Supporting Actress- Princess Dela Peña (Sinagtala)

Best Soundtrack- “Laya” (Her Dream)

Composed by Sofia Sacaguing and Arrangement by Christian Feliciano

Best Actor- Miguel Mitiam (Sinagtala)

Best Actress- Maica Rubis (Her Dream)

Best Director- Ed Jewel Pantanilla (Sinagtala)

Best Screenplay- Ed Jewel Pantanilla (Sinagtala)

Best Musical Scoring- Princess Dela Pena (Sinagtala)

Best Production Design - Brian Andrei Jimenez (Sinagtala)

Best Cinematography- Heliza Vern Tiotangco (Sinagtala)

Best Editing- Ed Jewel Pantanilla and Brian Andrei Gimenez (Sinagtala)

Highest Grossing Film- SINAGTALA

Jury’s Choice Award- SINAGTALA

Best Picture- SINAGTALA

Congratulations to all the winners of Monumento Film Festival 2021!

Are you interested to know how Ed Jewel Pantanilla and her team successfully swept almost all the awards in this year's Film Festival? Click HERE to learn more about their journey.



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