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What Type of Storyteller Are You?

Once or twice in our lives, we may have encountered the famous "16 Personality Types”, created in the 1960s by Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother, Katharine Briggs. Either for fun, curiosity, or simply wishing to learn more about ourselves, we took the available online test, answering a long list of rather repetitive questions in order to know what our personality type is.

While the results for each type can be fascinating, the details can also be overwhelming! Fret not, we're not here to make you take that test. Either for fun, curiosity, or perhaps to reassess a part of yourself, you can continue to read about our own "Types of Storyteller."

Based on personal experiences, our colleagues from work, and looking back at our classmates from school, we listed the different styles and realized that some of us share certain similarities, making up several categories.

Which of the 6 types below would you consider yourself to be?


Feel or believe that you can’t function properly without coffee? Naturally, we turn to the very popular and versatile beverage to not just wake us up in the morning, but to give us that needed boost to conquer the day. It’s practically programmed in yourself to drink coffee at least once a day. If by some reason, you weren’t able to have your regular drink, you find yourself feeling sluggish and spacing out, becoming not as efficient as you’d like to be. On the other hand, too much caffeine can lead to the same effect, so consider the amount you’re drinking!

Artwork by IKARUSVEE


Asleep by day, alive and kicking by night? You’re probably already aware that you’re a Night Owl! You likely succeeded waking up early, but found yourself weary and unmotivated with the tasks on-hand. However, the opposite can be said once the sun has gone down. At night you find a different kind of peace, when everyone else is in dreamland, you’re fully awake and buzzing - hard at work with the projects you’re sure to complete!

Artwork by IKARUSVEE


Procrastination is most often linked with laziness, and it's true that there are cases when the latter is a factor. However, the dictionary definition of "procrastinating" is "to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done."

If this sounds like you, don't feel too defensive yet. You're probably benefitting from the advantages of procrastination! Yes, advantages. You’re most likely to be driven by this type of motivation, as a deadline comes looming near, you find yourself suddenly focused and able to efficiently use the remaining time to finish your tasks.

Artwork by IKARUSVEE


A complete contrast from The Procrastinator, "The Organized" forms a system or plan and follows through it faithfully. If you tend to keep a checklist of tasks and steps, you’re most likely The Organized. You find comfort with being able to see and keep track of your activities and progress, and you always keep your journal/calendar (physical or digital) with you!

Artwork by IKARUSVEE


All storytellers are passionate with their crafts, but The Energetic has that extra burst of eagerness and enthusiasm. Despite long hours of bustling and hustling, you still seem to stay active mentally if not as well physically. You’re surrounded with this vibrant and lively aura that spreads to your colleagues and friends. You tell stories in great detail, with all the animated gestures, even adjusting your own vocal tones. While this energy helps you achieve what you need done, don’t forget to take breaks so you won’t burn out.

Artwork by IKARUSVEE

Did you relate to one or more from the list above? No matter which you resonate with, keep in mind that no one storyteller is perfect. As long as you’re comfortable with how, continue to do you.

Keep learning, creating, and sharing your stories.



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