What Type of Storyteller Are You?

Once or twice in our lives, we may have encountered the famous "16 Personality Types”, created in the 1960s by Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother, Katharine Briggs. Either for fun, curiosity, or simply wishing to learn more about ourselves, we took the available online test, answering a long list of rather repetitive questions in order to know what our personality type is.

While the results for each type can be fascinating, the details can also be overwhelming! Fret not, we're not here to make you take that test. Either for fun, curiosity, or perhaps to reassess a part of yourself, you can continue to read about our own "Types of Storyteller."

Based on personal experiences, our colleagues from work, and looking back at our classmates from school, we listed the different styles and realized that some of us share certain similarities, making up several categories.

Which of the 6 types below would you consider yourself to be?


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