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Winning Moment: The 2nd ChEnematography Full List of Winners

The pandemic may have changed the way we live but our heart and passion for storytelling remains the same.

Leaning on their mission to implement innovative programs, the Junior Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers–Batangas State University (JPIChE–BatStateU) successfully conducted the 2nd ChEnematography, with an overall theme, “Unblur: Sharpening Distorted Imagery through Media and Information Literacy.”

JPIChE-BatStateU is a well-known organization promoting the excellence and holistic development of Chemical Engineering students of the 21st century. With the pursuit of academic excellence, the organization has been committed to implementing events that would improve and nurture the students’ engagement and participation on societal issues and have partnerships with other participating institutions.

This year, the organizers decided to conduct a photography and short filmmaking competition which tested the skills and talent of students and individuals all over Luzon. With the theme, “CAMERA: Capturing the Viewpoints of Mental Health through the Lenses of Reality”, the Photography Contest seeks to capture the perspectives of the participants on mental health amidst the pandemic

The winner of the photography contest being presented in a virtual awarding ceremony of the 2nd Chenematography.

On the other hand, the Short Film Making Contest showcased the rendition of students on the drastic effects of the pandemic in all aspects of life, with the theme, “ACTION: Exhibiting the Repercussions of the Pandemic and the Quarantine in a Cinematic Perspective”. This competition showcased the different experiences during this pandemic and its effects in all aspects.

The Winning short film entitled "Yugto" being presented in a virtual awarding ceremony at the 2nd Chenematography.

In addition, a webinar that focuses on photography and videography as well as its role in maintaining the overall integrity of the information we consume in the 21st century was also conducted with Mr. Gregory Paul Yan as the speaker.

The 2 day-event spearheaded by the hardworking Chemical Engineering students from Batangas State University only proves that even a pandemic cannot stop individuals from crafting and telling their own personal stories.

Mr. Gregory Paul Yan (top right) shares his expertise in a webinar.

Here is the full list of winners at the recently concluded 2nd ChEnematography:

Photography Contest

1st Place: Jerard Rey B. Limboc (Entry #4)

2nd Place: Kian Shaen V. Villanueva (Entry #6)

3rd Place: Desiree R. Matienzo (Entry #11)

People’s Choice Award: Ryan Stephen C. Carandang (Entry #10)

Short Filmmaking Competition

1st Place: Tahan Film Production (Entry #1)

Members: Desiree Matienzo Carl Andrei Lagrason Marian Lubi Kimberly Macalinga Jayms Allen Evangelista

2nd Place: PARADOX (Entry #2)


Ryan Stephen C. Carandang

Kurt Joshua Lior B. Diones

People’s Choice Award: PARADOX (Entry #2)

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