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ATTENDING TO THE NEW NORMAL: Some Online Video Conference Reminders

It has been more than a year since the pandemic hit us. And we have adapted to the “new normal.” For sure, those who work in the creative industry can attest to the numerous meetings they have to attend to, from brainstorming sessions to pre-production meetings and even up to post production approvals.

Meetings are inevitable and our patience is being tested.

For the past twelve months, a lot of production projects have survived half online and half on-ground. And some, 100 % online. Indeed, creatives, no matter how tough the situation is, would conquer it all and adapt to this fast-paced changing environment.

Whether you like it or not, online meetings and video conferences are now part of the new normal. You can rant all you want, but we can’t change the fact that this is now our current situation. So what do we do?

The Film Dream is excited to share with all of you 12 things we have learned as we go about our online and video conferences.


1. BE ON TIME. And when we say on time, make sure you are ready to log-in at the given time.

2. DRESS UP and make sure you'll not show up wearing your pajamas. Appear as if you're working at your physical office.

3. POSITION YOURSELF IN AN INTIMATE AND QUIET SPACE to avoid unnecessary noise. From dogs barking to the sound of a car engine or maybe even your brother and sister yelling at each other.

4. POSITION YOURSELF IN A GOOD LIGHTING CONDITION. Lighting is everything. If you want others to see your beautiful or handsome face, then maybe you should invest in a ring light. A lamp can also do the trick. I know what you’re thinking, natural light is definitely powerful but what if meetings happened to be scheduled at night. You wouldn’t want to look like a ghost right?

5. SET UP YOUR BACKGROUND. Your face might look good on your screen but the attendees see your unfolded laundry behind you. That’s quite frustrating. So think of a place in your house where you can set your background when attending your Zoom, Teams or Google Meet video conferences.


6. GETTING TO KNOW THE PARTICIPANTS. If you happen to be the host of the meeting, you may introduce everyone present in the meeting. You don’t want people to feel awkward because they barely know each other.

7. LOOK AT YOUR CAMERA and not yourself. Don’t appear as if you’re looking at yourself in front of the mirror. Eye contact even in digital conversations is vital with whoever you’re talking to.

8. WHEN TO MUTE YOUR AUDIO. Mute your audio if someone is discussing a point. Background noise is distracting and to some, it is irritating.

9. TURN YOUR VIDEO ON. As much as data or connection would plead, always try to turn your video on as a courtesy unless advised to do otherwise.

10. LATE LUNCH? It is really embarrassing to see or hear someone chewing while the meeting is ongoing. If you can’t hold-off your hunger then you better turn off your camera and make sure your audio is also on mute mode.

11. FOCUS. Try not to do private stuff while on video meetings. At times, unattentive listeners tend to forget that their camera is on and they are caught doing unrelated things. Avoid unnecessary conversations and ensure that all points are covered. Plus, remember that not all can tolerate long meetings, as much as possible, keep it short and sweet.

More importantly, please remember that meetings shouldn’t always be stressful. Find ways to incorporate fun in your meetings while achieving the goal of your team. There are so many things happening already and we should not allow online meetings and video conferences to be as stressful as what’s happening outside of our homes.

Now you’re ready for that meeting, don’t forget to wear a smile.

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