You Can Overcome Challenges, Anybody Can : Notes From a Young Storyteller's Pandemic Journal

For the past two months, I have been exploring on my own -- from the places I’ve been before and places I’ve never been to. I am fortunate enough to be living in the province where COVID-19 figures are quite low so I have the chance to go to the beach and sometimes, go for a hike. I have been examining my emotions, feelings, motivations and conflicts and most importantly, understanding myself deeper.

Throughout that short period of time, I realized that it is important that we have an accurate accounting of who we become as years pass.

To be completely honest, I am at this stage of my life where things are really uncertain. Sometimes, I am puzzled with questions. What’s my dream? What’s my talent? What’s my purpose? How should I move forward considering the challenges this pandemic has brought?

With the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases, I have always asked myself when can we feel safe again? This pandemic is no joke and it tests our faith and beliefs. Everyday, we are being challenged to be strong but it seems like the brighter days are nowhere. Seeing jeepney drivers begging on the streets to p