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Cinemalaya16 Short Films in Competition: FATIGUED

Directed by James Robin Mayo


Our world faces different challenges and made our life more difficult as if we are living in a cycle of nightmare – wars, calamities, poverty, hunger, pandemic, etc.

Because of this, humanity tends to disconnect from society.

We are all playing in this game of life. We are just on different kinds of levels. Living the same hell, just different devils. The good thing is: we can pause, take a rest, and relive the precious memories in our lives. And to win, we just continue to hope and dream… because the moment we stop, it is the moment we die.

LOGLINE: An employee overslept and must wake-up from a nightmare.

SYNOPSIS: Fatigued is an interactive short film where audience participation is important. It is about an employee who overslept and must wake-up from his/her nightmare. Today, you can watch any movie online through different streaming sites. The idea behind this short film is to make a film that will exclusively let you feel the cinematic experience. The space and time inside the cinema are different from watching in your house. The Live participation of the audience is the unique experience you will witness when you watch along with group of people and inside the cinema.

FILMMAKER PROFILE: JAMES ROBIN MAYO is a graduate of BA Major in Technical Theater at DLSU-CSB. His first projects were music videos, TV shows, and short films. His film, “Fib,” won the 3rd place for Best Experimental Video in the 27th CCP Gawad Alternatibo. His first feature film, “The Chanters,” is a QCinema International Film festival finalist, which won Best Screenplay and Best Actress. It has been nominated for Best Picture and Best Director in Gawad Urian, FAMAS, and LUNA Awards. He also won Best First Feature Film Director in Young Critics Circle for “The Chanters.” His 2nd feature film, “Kuya Wes,” was a finalist in the 14th Cinemalaya. The film competed in different international film festivals such as Fantasporto Film Festival 2019, won Best Actress in 2019 Manhattan International Film Festival, nominated in the 2019 Edera Film Festival in Italy, and the 2019 Festival Internacional de Cine de Quito in Ecuador. Locally, it won Best Actor in PMPC Star Awards, and Best Picture and Best Actor in 21st Gawad Pasado.

MAJOR CREDITS / CAST: Matthew Lorenzo, Yayo Aguila, Putol PRODUCTION STAFF: DIRECTOR/SCRIPTWRITER – James Robin M. Mayo; CINEMATOGRAPHER – James Robin M. Mayo; PRODUCTION DESIGNER – James Mayo, Matthew Lorenzo, RM Marohombsar; EDITOR –

Joris Fernandez, James Mayo; SOUND – Immanuel Verona; PROD ASSISTANTS – RM Marohombsar, Matthew Lorenzo; PRODUCER – Cai Cena, James Mayo

11:34 MINUTES Comedy Drama



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