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Cinemalaya16 Short Films in Competition: UTWAS

Directed by Richard Jeroui Salvadico, Arlie Sweet Sumagaysay

FILMMAKERS' STATEMENT : We have always overlooked nature, the mountains, the hills, the rivers and the oceans. We have never thought that perhaps, we really do co-exist and that what we do to the environment, affects us. This film presents a boy wanting to be one with the ocean but is unfortunately surrounded by those who destroy the ocean. We present a personified ocean who has his moods depending on how bad or good the people treat him. An ocean silenced by the loud explosion of dynamites, angered by his distraction and an ocean who parties in the middle of the night where no one watches, no one disturbs and distracts. UTWAS is a film about a boy who attains a deeper connection with the ocean as he learns to be one with it.

LOGLINE: A young boy discovers the ocean as he tries to learn how to dive and fish. SYNOPSIS: Toto and his father live in an island where the primary source of their livelihood is the ocean. He loves diving with his father because he wants to learn how to fish, dive and be one with the ocean. One afternoon, while Toto and his father are diving, a group of fishermen throw dynamites around them. They hurriedly go home. Curious, Toto asks his father why they have to arise from the water if there are dynamite fishers. His father explains that some dynamite fishers are careless and that fishes swim away because of the noise so they have to arise because they have nothing to catch and they are in danger. As Toto’s father dives, he notices that the ocean is too noisy and when he arises too early, Toto asks him why. His father explains that perhaps the ocean is too noisy because it is either angry or happy.

FILMMAKER PROFILE: Hailing from Iloilo, RICHARD SALVADICO and ARLIE SWEET SUMAGAYSAY both graduated at Central Philippine University. Richard graduated with a degree in Digital Media and Interactive Arts in 2018, while Arlie graduated with a degree in Mass Communication in 2019. The duo started their filmmaking career in 2018 and has been participating in both regional and national filmmaking competitions since then. Their first film “Dribol” won Best Picture, Best Cinematography and Best Direction in Gawad CineMaybank in 2018. Their film “Katungdanan” was awarded Grand Jury Prize Awardee and was a finalist in Gawad Alternatibo in 2018. In 2019, their short film “Chok” had its national screening, was a finalist at Sinekabataan Year 3 and garnered the Audience Choice Award. In 2019, they produced their film “Utwas” which won Best Picture, Best Cinematography and Direction in Cinekasimanwa Year 7 and a finalist in Cinemalaya Short Film Competition. Their film “Gulut-anon nga Dulut” won Best Screenplay and Best music in Cinekasimanwa Year 7. Over the years, Richard and Kat have done films on appreciation for indigenous peoples and environmental awareness. They are looking forward to do more.

MAJOR CREDITS / CAST: Rene Requiron, Joemel Bancayan PRODUCTION STAFF: DIRECTORS – Richard Jeroui Salvadico, Arlie Sweet Sumagaysay; WRITER – Arlie Sweet Sumagaysay; CINEMATOGRAPHER/EDITOR – Richard Jeroui Salvadico; PRODUCTION DESIGNER – Arlie Sweet Sumagaysay, Jona Lyn Sallador; CAMERA OPERATOR – Denrey Dumaguin; SOUND DESIGNER – Charlene Eimman Galo; SOUND GRIP – Charlene Eimman Galo; PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS – Kemp Valenzuela, Jhon Lloyd Dumapit; EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS – Rodelyn Tupas, Girlie Sumagaysay, Arnold Sumagaysay

11:00 MINUTES Comedy Drama



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