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Enrico Po’s 'Out Of Body' Speaks His Truth

For someone who just enjoys filmmaking, Enrico Po never expected that his film “Out of Body” would make it as a finalist in the 17th Edition of Cinemalaya Film Festival.

“Yes, I was completely stunned because I submitted it towards the end of the submission period and I had a lot going on at that time.”

Enrico Po graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts yet more than his finished degree, he thinks that this does not make him different from others who pursue what they love.

“It’s good but I'm gonna say straight up [that] you do not need to go to film school to pursue filmmaking. If you wanna make films, it starts tomorrow. Grab a camera and shoot whatever. It doesn't matter if you shoot anything. It's all the same, so just go out there and make it. It's the same decision you're making. The same muscles you’re working and the same skills.”

His honesty towards how the filmmaking industry works was manifested in his entry because he clearly knows how important it is to speak about what he believes.

“If you try to portray something that is untrue, people can smell that. People will respond. So I think the biggest thing [to consider] in film is that it comes out ‘true’. When you make things that don't speak to your truth, it shows. I’m happy with this because I think it showed my true... perspective on how I see the world and the experiences I've had.

The inspiration of his film was really out of nowhere. Just like how Cinemalaya results came to him unexpectedly. The film’s concept popped out of the blue while he was chilling, watching The Mandalorian.

When Enrico was asked about the production period of his film, he said that everything that has happened is because of luck.

He admitted that the film has a lot of “should-have-beens” but because the national hard lockdown happened, they just stick to what they did during production.

“There are huge barriers [and], huge gaps. I got to make my film because I was incredibly lucky. I met the right people at the right time. All this stuff requires so much luck, so much timing.

BTS Photos during the Film Production of "Out of Body" directed by Enrico Po

But of course, just like any other filmmaker, he had days of being unsure on where he was going. The film buff’s initial choice wasn't actually to go to film school. Especially for someone like him who came from the Philippines, people around him were skeptical, saying, “Ano yan may pera ba dyan?” Yet, when he figured out that there’s nothing he can do good aside from filmmaking, he took the big leap.

"I probably needed the validation of film school more than most, but all you learn in film school is you do not need it. I'm lucky enough to be in a position to chase this as not everyone is.”

It’s astonishing to witness that despite the stigma about filmmaking, he still ran after what he perceived as ‘fun’. Although Enrico keeps on mentioning that he’s just a kid, it’s undeniable that he got what it takes to be a filmmaker. “I think, the kind of a little more attitude that I need is a lot of self conviction... I guess I'm lucky enough to be able to navigate my own way.”

Film Still from "Out of Body" directed by Enrico Po

As someone who grew up in Manila, he witnessed how film is becoming a tiring avenue for creatives rather than becoming a place to have fun. For this young storyteller, filmmaking should be fun. Putting pedestal to filmmaking as if lives depend on it, is something that he honestly sees as unreasonable.

“If you have the privilege of time, space, resources, to be able to do that [filmmaking], it needs to be fun. There is absolutely no reason you need to be [rude]... and be terror. Why do you need to be like that?”

Enrico pointed out how lucky it is for people in the production to create something that people would enjoy, which means the process itself should have a congenial environment. “At the end of the day… for me like, I don't know [if] this is just my philosophy, but the most important thing for me on a set is that everyone goes home proud of the work they did. The gaffers, the sound guys, the lighting guys. And I think that's how you got to do a good film. It's not about [whether] we need to get it [awards] from this.

Out of all the massive exposure he and other directors were getting, Enrico wanted to still share to the younger generation what he learned so far. He highlighted how pertinent it is to get the job done when you are a filmmaker aspirant.

“The best skill you can now learn is how to complete a project. It is being able to take something… from this end and to the final. In my opinion that is the most valuable thing I know. To be able to actually wrap it up. It is what it is. Ready to go out there or be ready to just bury in.” Enrico emphasized.
BTS Photo during the Film Production of "Out of Body"

Foremost, he wanted to resonate how important it is to believe in yourself. “Of all the advice I've been told by famous people [but for me], what sticks out is to not believe what they print about you. Once you start believing on what they are saying about you? It's over.”

Enrico Po’s entry for this year’s Cinemalaya will take the audience to the world of Elle, a young model who is new to the industry and gets into a situation that asks her to do things out of ordinary. The trailer can definitely give chills when watched and if there’s one thing to be anticipated, it’s that Out of Body is not a cheap trick.

Enrico Po’s Out of Body can now be streamed from August 6 to September 5, 2021 at

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