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Eye-Opening Films To Watch Out For at the First International Assembly on Gender

Are you looking for films to binge watch this week? Well, JCI Batangas Balisong proudly presents the 1st GLOBAL ASSEMBLY ON EVERYDAY LIFE, GENDER AND SEXUALITY FILM COMPETITION. From documentaries to animated films and short narratives, they've got it all curated just for you.

In partnership with University of the Philippines- Manila Center for Gender and Women Studies, SexGen - OTOS and the The Film Dream, 22 selected short films created by different filmmakers from all over the world will be streaming on Youtube from October 27 to 31.

Excited to get a peek of these films? Worry no more, because here are the official movie posters and a glimpse of the stories unfolding soon:


Here are the 4 finalists for the Documentary Section

1. Bata sa Basura / Bata sa Pandemya (Philippines)

Child In Garbage (Bata Sa Basura) is a short video narrating the story of the vulnerable children and families in Papandayan Caniogan Landfill. Amid pandemic, women, children and families continue to collect garbages for survival.

2. Loving (United Kingdom)

"Loving" is a short documentary film about how woman love and know love in the 21st Century. Inspired to document conversations with her homies, Aliyah Hasinah's short docu-film explores a tender portrayal of 5 womxn's perspectives on what loving can be and what it can look like in practice.

3. Antartica (Bulgaria)

"Antarctica" an infinite world of fearfully hanging glaciers cut by malicious cracks. Biting cold, cunning climate and countless secrets waiting to be revealed. The documentary takes viewers on a journey with the Bulgarian famous musicians Theodosii Spasov and Hari Tsvyatkov to the ice continent. They will perform a concert for the most unconventional audience on Earth - a large colony of penguins. The documentary tells the story of climate change on the ice continent of Antarctica.

4. Pacing the Pool (Australia)

A tiny glimpse into the extraordinary life of Richard Pace. A different approach to life might have seen him crushed under the weight of the physical and mental stresses he has been through since he was a child, however, healing waters have helped him rise above it all!


Here are the 6 finalists for the Animation Section

1. Skeleton of a Moth (United Kingdom)

''Skeleton of a Moth'' is a short documentary animation about the emotional difficulties and social pressures that affect teenage girls of today. The film is a collective narrative going back and forth between multiple girl's perspectives as they talk through problems surrounding body image, mental health, and sexual assault.

2. Fragile (Brazil)

Sr. Nakashima teve um interessante passado mas agora quer viver longe destas lembranças. Após anos de solidão, ele decide adquirir um robô para ajudar nos afazeres diários. A amizade vai crescendo e eles vivem felizes e tranquilos. Porém, uma criatura resolve fazer uma visitinha e as coisas começam a sair do lugar.

3. Light of Empathy (Pakistan)

It's a story about fostering Pro-social behavior (empathy) in a child and the story revolves around an aggressive child who gets furious when the artificially intelligent streetlight character laughs at him when he falls down. Thus, he throws a pebble at it and breaks the streetlight. He gets scared and runs towards his room and finally falls asleep, and in his dream he reaches a different world where he is caught up terribly.

4. The Bond (Serbia)

In the intimate world of a man and a woman, the bond that unites them is a tangible golden thread. Over time, the couple becomes entangled in a multitude of failed attempts to deal with personal problems.

5. In Nature (Switzerland)

In nature, a couple is a male and a female. Well, not always! A couple is also a female and a female. Or a male and a male. You may not be aware of it, but homosexuality isn't just a human story.

6. Cloud Boy: An Autistic Journey (UK)

Cloud Boy journeys through his insecurities and issues growing up. But as college approaches, he decides to become a more independent person. A semi-autobiography about the experiences of living with Autism.


Here are the 12 finalists for the Short Narratives' Section

1. Momma, I’m A Stray Bird (China)

Siyan, a live streamer making a living by doing makeup and drag looks online for fans has had a long struggle in his relationship with his father. The first anniversary of Siyan's death brings him home, but a intense confrontation awaits him. Memories of younger dreams and a love song come to haunt and free the family.

2. Unlonely (Greece)

During a general lockdown due to the pandemic, an unemployed actor works at an online companionship service. A lonely middle-aged gay man calls him while seeking for redemption, but things will not turn out as both men expected

3. Sina Alexa, Xander at Ang Universe (Philippines)

Two siblings namely Alexa and Xander annually decorate their room into a Miss Universe arena, and secretly pretend to be one of the contestants. Suddenly, their lives were flabbergasted as something unexpected happened.

4. A Day Like October (Ghana)

Life crashes before Anima's eyes after being diagnosed of cancer of the breast. She feels the walls of her life closing in, that she makes the hardest decision, ending it all.

5. Bones (Spain)

Victor turns 21 in a month. Before he turns 21, he has set two goals: to lose his virginity and to weigh less than 50 kilos.

6. Office (France)

In the offices of a startup that wants to be creative, two employees repeat their daily gestures in a methodical, robotic way, without enjoying them. Completely overwhelmed by the overload of work, they decide to take charge and to send off bureaucratic propriety. They dance.

7. Exam (Russian Federation)

A young student of a medical institute dreams of becoming a doctor, but is not sure of her abilities. Her desire is so sincere that life presents her with a decisive "exam", where the girl, risking herself, confirms her vocation.

8. Rock, paper, scissors (Mexico)

Two best friends go to a party where a round of 'rock, paper, scissors' spins things around.

9. The Washing Machine (Spain)

To start a washing machine is not so easy for everyone. You still have to choose the right program.

10. Mata (Philippines)

Kurt sells burgers to earn a living. When he tried to catch the perpetrator of a crime committed in front of his burger stand, he made a decision that he will regret for the rest of his life.

11. Evelyn (Australia)

After no-one is able to attend her online party, a young girl challenges a party-entertainer- fairy to prove that magic is real. Evelyn’s world changes with a surprising arrival.

12. Rap Game (France)

Salima is a Ali's sister and she wants to play with her brother as she was young. But since their father left, Ali is very strict with her and refused that Salima rap in front of a lot of mens. With her friend Fanta, Salima try to figure it out how she can be on his battle of rap.

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