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FDCP launches the first Philippine Film Industry Month this September

This year will be marking the start of a saga, as 2021 gives way to dedicating a whole month recognizing and celebrating the invaluable contributions and achievements of our local film industry.

Proclamation 622 was signed last 2018, which declared September 11, 2020 as "Centennial Year of Philippine Cinema." This was to honor "Dalagang Bukid" which premiered on September 12, 1919, and is considered as the first Filipino-produced and directed (by Jose Nepomuceno) feature film.

Come February 3, 2021, Proclamation No. 1085 was signed and September is officially declared as the “Philippine Film Industry Month." With this, the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) is to "promote the growth and development of the local film industry, as well as establish, organize, operate and maintain local and international film festivals, exhibitions and other similar activities."

With this, the FDCP takes lead of the newly declared event, having prepared a thorough list of relevant activities all month long. This includes movie screenings, forums, festivals, and competitions revolving around the theme: "Ngayon ang Bagong SineMula!", a fitting and timely concept that offers a fresh hope, and connotes a deeper appreciation for the Philippine cinematic world.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions, this will be conducted online through the social media pages and website of FDCP.

The Philippine Film Industry Month was officially launched September 1, the opening ceremony streamed at the FDCP facebook page where they featured several of the month's activities and similar projects for the rest of the year, such as the launch of the "Nood Tayo ng Sine" campaign, showcase of newly renovated FDCP Cinematheque Centres, announcement of Full Circle Lab Philippines 2021 projects, and ISSF: Musical Scoring Lab and the #FutureSilentFilmmakers Competition launch. The recorded stream has been uploaded in the same facebook page and is available to be viewed today.

Also, eight restored film classics From the Archive: Pamanang Pelikula have been made available at the to be viewed for free for the duration of September.

In addition, aspiring filmmakers can join the International Film Industry Conference (IFIC) Online 2021 public sessions from September 16 to 19 for free.

These are just a few of what FDCP has in line for the first Philippine Film Industry Month. Here is the full calendar of events in the first ever Philippine Film Industry Month this September.



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