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Get Up and Start Now

“Life’s too short to play small with your talents. You were born into the opportunity as well as the responsibility to become legendary.”

The line mentioned above would probably be my favorite out of all the quotable lessons from Robin Sharma’s book, “The 5AM CLUB.” Thanks to my former mentor at ABS-CBN for giving me this wonderful book, I had the chance to assess what needs to be done to attain a transformative life.

If you are up for the challenge of elevating your life, and building a morning routine to achieve success, this book is definitely a good match for you. If I may say, it has started changing my life for the better.

Before I get straight on how this book has changed my perspective, let me give a glimpse of how my life was years ago.

When I entered college I became a nocturnal owl. I enjoy the sleepless nights because I had to finish school requirements from time to time. Parties are also inevitable and admittedly, it was my stress-reliever. My college friends can totally attest to that but a lot has changed over the years. When I started working, slowly I am detaching myself from the usual routine I do especially at night. To be honest, it’s tough. There are times that I would still find myself at 1am in a bar having fun. But all of it boils down to the fact that I would wake up late, maybe around 11am, or the worst case is at 1 in the afternoon.

I don’t want to sound hypocritical that the journey towards becoming a morning person was a walk in the park because it wasn’t. It took a lot of hardwork and a bunch of determination. Plus, if it weren’t for this book, my life would still be a complete disaster.

It was September 1 last year when I received this book from my boss, mentor, second mom, in one. Destiny truly has its own way of surprising us, because even before receiving this gem, I have already been craving for the smell of a new book since the early months into quarantine made me binge-watch all my favorite series on Netflix. I just felt I needed a reset and yes, it was also a perfect time to read again.

It took me almost three months to finish a 300 plus pages book but it’s definitely worth it. From this book, Robin Sharma opened my eyes towards productivity by using the story of a billionaire mentor teaching a struggling artist and an entrepreneur about the essence of waking up early to show how revolutionary it is for success. The twists and turns of events will surely persuade even the sleep loving people which undoubtedly made me feel so attacked. Kidding aside, this book will really show off that to be excellent, we need to start our days intentionally. Waking up at 5am in the morning gives us the extraordinary solitude to perform the whole day. But with that also comes a big responsibility. When you wake up early, you should make sure that you’re not wasting your time.

In fact, Robin Sharma shared “The 20/20/20 Formula” which is a very helpful tool to be applied every single day because being productive, creative and purposeful in a day doesn’t stop from waking up at 5am. It entails a lot more and what you actually do sixty minutes after waking up makes the formula life-changing.

“Your Victory Hour gives you one of life’s greatest windows of opportunity. The way you start your day dramatically influences how it unfolds. Some people get up early but destroy the value of their morning routine by watching the news, surfing online, scanning social feeds and checking messages. This way of acting causes members of the majority to miss out on doing the things that would allow them to leverage the quietude of this special time to help them maximize greatness so awesome days show up consistently.” -excerpt from The 5AM Club book

Here’s how the “The 20/20/20 Formula” framework looks like:

A page from Robin Sharma's the 5AM Club

The question now is: “Are you ready to own your morning and elevate your life? Get up and start now.

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