Peksman...Justice Gravador is a Promising Student Film Art Director

I didn’t know we were talking for more than an hour already until my mom knocked in my room and told me that it was time for dinner.

Thanks to Justice Gravador’s vivid storytelling via Zoom as well as her infectious laughter, I didn’t even notice that time is passing. She’s a former colleague at ABS-CBN, where we used to work, that’s why there’s no more awkward moments. All I knew was we were talking as if we were just having fun.

And basically, that also sums up how her journey went as an Art Director of the award-winning student film, Peksman.

“We just enjoyed the whole duration of filming. We were students then and despite the pressure to finish a film requirement, plus the expenses, we tried looking at the brighter side in every situation and always chose to have fun,” Gravador shared happily.

Peksman is an independent short film produced by What About Productions composed of Communication Arts graduates from the University of Sto. Tomas. The film follows the story of four young boys from Don Manuel Elementary School and their journey towards making a difference through friendship and bravery.

This short film made it to the First-Time Filmmaker Sessions 2020, an online festival hosted by Lift Off Global Network, which aims to bring indie short films and features from around the globe.