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Updated: Aug 3, 2020


What About Productions, a start-up production company composed of local filmmakers produced “Peksman”, an indie short film that has officially been selected to be part of First-time Filmmaker Sessions 2020, an online festival hosted by the Lift Off Global Network aiming to bring indie short films and features from around the globe. Held at the world-famous Pinewood Studios in the UK, the day-long event features multiple demonstrations from industry experts, catered to the selected filmmakers, as well as a screening of each selected film. The winning short film will receive an official selection for a live screening at Pinewood Studios in the UK and at Raleigh Studios, Hollywood during Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival along with Professional Lift-Off Network Membership for the filmmakers and producers involved with the project.

“We created a story that would want to make you look back to your childhood; about how innocent yet brave we all once are. We believe that there is still a little bit of that inside us -- if we look closely. Stubborn yet smart. We don’t want you to lose that.” says Director Dan Eligado. “As this film continues to unfold and inflict us with emotions, I hope we learn to look beyond the things that we can do. Peksman is a story of hope and inspiration to the young people out there, that you have the power to change the world and create a difference as long as we believe in ourselves. And I think that’s what makes it so relevant in this pressing time. Peksman is a shared dream for all of us – and we want you to be part of that dream!”Starring Kyle Kaiser Almenanza (one of the supporting actors of the Cinema One Originals film, Tia Madre), Jam Maynigo (won best child actor in Ama, Ina, Kapatid from Gawad Sining Short Film Festival 2017), Shane Carrera (recognized as the Future of Cinema in the film Kids of War from the Subic Bay International Film Festival 2019), and Adrian Canlas (made his acting debut through this film), they all shared the passion for acting and their undeniable charm was easily seen and felt in each scene that they shared together. YD Diego, the film’s antagonist is a veteran actress with experiences both in films and television. Some of her notable performances are from ABS-CBN’s teleserye, ‘Pamilya Ko’, and from the historical film by TBA Studios, Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral. Their natural chemistry in playing the part helped bring out the ominous secrets shared between the two characters while still putting a hint of natural comedy in their dialogues.

From July 26 to August 2, 2020, the short film will be screened via Vimeo on Demand along with other participants of First-time Filmmaker Sessions 2020. One festival pass costs ten (10) dollars and the said amount is equivalent to one vote for the film. Be a part of promoting local independent films by supporting this screening through viewing the film for ten dollars or donating any amount to raise funds that will help the film get through the final round of the festival. For more information, visit What About Production’s official social media site:

About What About Productions What About Productions is a ten-member startup production company with a long history that stemmed from their university days as BA Communication Arts graduates of the University of Santo Tomas. Their first-ever short film venture, Peksman, aims to bring timely issues about incompetent leadership that exists within the four corner boundaries of the classroom. The production company aims to produce more films that tackle such sentiments in a whole different light, coupled with elements that the audience can truly resonate with. 

For further information, please contact: What About Productions Erin Alvarez, Executive Producer +63 916 609 0509


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