The Bayanihan Spirit: Filipinos Working Together To Save The Brain

“I see this partnership with Let’s Save The Brain Foundation as life-changing. It is a mission where we are called warriors, as stewards. We use our time, talent and treasure, and we are all-in in this partnership.”

These were the words reiterated by Mr. Dan Pascual, the Co-Founder of the Filipino Development Programs Incorporated (FDP Inc.) in an interview with The Film Dream.

FDP Inc through The Film Dream and SD2 Studios in collaboration with Maxweb are all committed to tell inspiring stories and encourage people to support Let’s Save The Brain Foundation (LSTB) in its vision of providing accessible neurological healthcare to every Filipino.

After the successful re-launch of LSTB last February 25, we couldn’t help but wonder how it all started and where the campaign is going in the next few years. There are a lot of projects in the pipeline, but one thing is for sure, this partnership will last forever– to help change and save lives.

How It All Began

The partnership started last year through Maxweb Inc., represented by Michiko Gargollo. She coordinated with The Film Dream to develop content, based on some digital initiatives. The Film Dream is the one who is supposed to be doing the content with them based on the given marketing directions and other components of the campaign until they realized the different needs of LSTB.

“With the realization of the different needs of LSTB, we are now also involved in the other components of the marketing communication campaign. That's why FDP Inc is now involved. But for The Film Dream, we will be supporting this partnership by telling inspiring stories that will support the initiatives and advocacy of LSTB,” Mr. Dan Pascual shared.

“We believe in the advocacy of LSTB. We want to create programs that will help in the holistic development of a person, especially the Filipinos. We believe that it starts with one’s self– body, mind, soul, spirit and heart. And once you’re developed, you can also give to others. You can now contribute to the development of others. And that will now be family and community building. And if that happens, it now leads to the development of our country. In our own little way, we wanted to do that through FDPI. When that advocacy came, there’s no hesitation that yes, we will do this. ” Pascual junctured.

L-R Dr. Lourdes Ledesma (Founder, Let's Save The Brain Foundation) , Dr. Godfrey Robeniol (President, LSTB) and Mr. Dan Pascual (Co-Founder, The Film Dream)

In addition, Mr. Pascual highlighted that he really believes with what Let’s Save The Brain Foundation wants to accomplish.

“The brain is everything, it controls everything. And when you say development, it contributes to the health and wellness, the well-being, all of the faculties. Without the brain, we are nothing. Upon the discovery of neuroscience and all these related sciences that are connected with the development, it’s really a big yes to this partnership,” Pascual added.