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The CCP Channel : Your One-Stop-Shop for Online Art Experience

True to its mission to reach wider audiences, the Cultural Center of the Philippines embarks on a digital journey and brings arts closer through the CCP Channel, an online streaming platform featuring new online productions and curated archival documentation from the CCP Digital Archives.

Launched last March 6, 2021, the CCP Channel provides artists with viable platforms for new developments in online performances and gives viewers a unique learning experience that will help them to appreciate and learn more about Philippine art and culture.

Spanning across Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo, the art and culture channel offers audiences of all ages a wide variety of timely and curated online content that will be offered to them over the year. The curation of content will focus on the educational, inspirational, and beneficial themes that contribute to the social and mental well-being of the viewers.

Expect high-definition video coverage of selected CCP productions, made-for-video performances, selected archival video documentation from the archives, and video selection showcasing curated and specific themes.

It has several main channel sections - the CCP Channel From The Archives, the CCP Channel Themed Showcases, the CCP Channel HD Premieres, and the CCP Arthouse Cinema Online.

Specially selected production documentations from the CCP Digital Archives will be premiered under the CCP Channel Curated Features, offering viewers a unique opportunity to gaze into the Cultural Center’s rich history of artistic performance.

Aiming to be supplemental to art education and vital for art appreciation, the CCP Themed showcases will break through in the CCP Channel Vimeo, featuring curated production documentations from the CCP Digital Archives.

CCP Channel HD Premieres, meanwhile, is a section dedicated to the CCP’s newest productions which will premiere online for the audiences. Artistic excellence takes the helm as new and experimental ways of performance are explored in this new platform.

The CCP Arthouse Cinema Online is housed in the CCP Channel Vimeo, with monthly themed screenings of local and international films. Members of the CCP Film Society have access to exclusive screenings and early access to the selected films.

For the month of March, the CCP Channel launches the Cultural Exchange Showcase, showcasing digital productions featuring the hardworking artists from the CCP’s cultural networks.

In celebration of the National Women’s Month, a themed showcase will be available on the CCP Channel Vimeo, exploring the themes and concepts tied to women, and honoring the women artists.

A platform for artists, the CCP Channel will also put a spotlight on the geniuses of the Philippine National Artists. The CCP Channel will also be hosting CCP's upcoming online festivals.

In the coming months, audiences can expect well-curated thematic screenings of the best of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

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