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THE FILM DREAM presents : The Power of Audio as a Storytelling Tool

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

According to emarketer, in 2019, podcast listeners account for 26.9 % of the US internet population, but this small portion is growing fast. And based on their research, there are more people listening to digital audio nowadays than radio. We see this as an opportunity to widen our imagination and tell our stories using the power of audio through voices, sound and music. The possibilities can be endless. We can stream music, podcast, audio books and even inspirational talks online.

There are no limits to audio storytelling - we can create awareness, inspire people, share knowledge or retell history to the next generation. We can do this without visuals, and use only a tool that is readily available to us - our own voice. Our voice is a very powerful tool, with or without a screen or videos to back it up.

It's time. Let your voices be heard, let your stories be told.

The Film Dream, a learning community platform of storytellers for storytellers, brings a timely collection of stories starting August 28. Powered by SD2 Studios, The Film Dream presents “The Face Mask Diaries" audio shorts. Through the power of audio storytelling, The Film Dream gathered a group of storytellers coming from diverse fields -- education, filmmaking, stage and voice acting, content branding, and the health industry. Led by Randy Villanueva as Head Writer, Alfredo Ongleo as Production Head and Veron Calaguas as Director, they bring to life stories hiding behind the face masks during this extraordinary time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On August 28, we open with two episodes, "The Voice in the Walls" by Denton Lim Bulaclac and "Wearing a Face Mask is an Act of Love" by Veron Calaguas.

These are our stories. What’s yours? Join the community of storytellers or reach us at



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