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Welcome to the Film Dream Version 2.0!

Established in 2015, The Film Dream-- a digital learning platform for young storytellers anchored on Filipino values continues to build a community of aspiring filmmakers, writers and creatives.

Last July 5, we officially relaunched our website with a brand new look where you can LEARN, CREATE, SHARE, and WATCH.

The learn’ section offers a wide variety of stories from student film directors to seasoned film teachers. Their stories of hope, dreams and how they overcame adversities as they go along in their respective journey. You will also see news update from organizations we support such as Cinemalaya, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Japan Film Foundation Moreover, it also houses anecdotes from different film organizations and clubs across the country. Not to mention, the notes and tips from credible and talented creatives in the industry.

The 'create’ section is a an avenue where you can see bite-sized videos which can be as mundane as making coffee, attending a meeting, or can be as in-depth as shooting contents in a new normal, swabbing before a shoot, and travelling in a time of pandemic. All sorts of stories from different people with a common goal of telling a story. Not only that, we are now encouraging everyone to submit their ‘daily daily’ videos. Who knows, your video might just suddenly appear on the website. It only takes an extra thick facial skin to film, or you may also try to explore dubbing. Whatever works for you, there are no limitations, go and film then submit.

(The Daily Daily: Swab to Shoot by Nathan Perez, a Content Creator from the Film Dream)

"With all the platforms in the internet now where you can see variety of videos, 'daily daily' is different because it talks to creative people. Our content maybe random, or mundane in a way, but we cater to people who are thinking, not just people who wants to see anything online," Nathan Perez shared in an interview.

On the other hand, the ‘share’ section is the creative playground where a community of storytellers can interact with one another. If you happen to be a site member, you can freely share photos, ideas, pictures or whatever is in your mind and connect with fellow creatives. It is a safe space to discuss, brainstorm, and hone your creative potential from fellow storytellers. So, what are you waiting for… sign up as a site member now!

But wait, there’s more. In fact, there’s a lot more. The ‘watch’ section is now streaming films from young filmmakers. As of this writing, “Bansing,” a short film directed by Lawrence Arvin Sibug and Screenplay by Nathan Perez which delivers a bleeding drama of the long-time battle for a two-faced concept of peace between the rebels and the nation's defense force is now up on the ‘watch’ section of the website. Every month, we will be uploading must-watch short films in partnership with the amazing student filmmakers in the country.

Trailer of "Bansing" Directed by Lawrence Arvin Sibug and Screenplay by Nathan Perez.

Watch the film here for FREE:

This is the Film Dream version 2.0! In contrast to the new look, nothing has changed with the heart and vision since 2015. We will never stop learning, creating and sharing. As a start-up and young website, we are with you in the journey of discovering our full creative potential.

Together, we will make our dreams happen.

Sign in as a site member here at and we will send you email updates.



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