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Young Filmmakers' Film Festivals: Putting Your Film Dream Out There

Admit it or not, films are truly powerful. It can impact one’s emotions, which can either make them happy, sad, amused, or afraid. The list goes on.

Here in the Philippines, we have so many talented storytellers who are passionate in producing films that inspire and create a difference. From the veteran filmmakers to the neophyte directors, writers and artists, it has always been a dream for them to showcase their creative flair and share their stories.

But did you know that aside from the already recognized Film Festivals in the country, like the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino and Cinemalaya, there are also a lot of other film festivals in the Philippines, which are mostly organized by young and talented filmmakers?

Well, if you’re an aspiring filmmaker and dreams of putting your story out into the world, here’s the list of some of the Film Festivals where you might be interested to participate in:


CineMapua is an annual Film Festival of Mapua University by the School of Media Studies. Eyeing to showcase the skills of students in producing short films and at the same time, appreciate the value of filmmaking. If you would like to join their CineMapua 2021 competitions, you may follow them at


Established in 2010, PeliKultura: The CALABARZON Film Festival seeks to provide an avenue for Region IV-A’s budding independent filmmakers. They also aim to strengthen the film culture in the country and motivate filmmakers to write their own success stories. You may follow them on their social media account, and attend their webinar series with seasoned filmmakers as their guests.


It is the first and only film festival in Abra Province founded in 2019 by Dexter Macaraeg to help promote the arts, culture and heritage of the Cordillera Region through films lectures and workshops. You may follow them on


Sinepiyu is an annual Film Festival at Far Eastern University- Manila organized by the FEU Film Society. After the pandemic, they shifted through digital and now launched Cinema Al Fresco, featuring multi-awarded filmmakers and producers in partnership with the FEU Central Student Organization.

You may follow them at


It is the Official Cinema Organization of the University of San Carlos- Cebu. They aim to help young and talented filmmakers to continue pursuing their dreams in the field of filmmaking. As of press time, they are conducting its 9th “SineDisipulo”, wherein they organized mobile filmmaking competitions for Senior High School and college students. You may follow them at


It is an annual digital film competition that is open to all enrolled Senior High School and college students in the Philippines. Tagged as the longest-running collegiate film competition in the country, it celebrates film by showcasing the masterpiece of the finalists and conducts plenary talks as well as webinar series featuring the country’s renowned filmmakers. You may follow them at



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