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Call for Entries: Unleash Your Creativity at the 2nd ChEnematography

Before the year ends, here’s a chance to harness your creativity and sharpen your skills.

In partnership with The Film Dream, the Junior Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers– Batangas State University (JPIChE–BatStateU) proudly launches the 2nd ChEnematography, with the theme, “Unblur: Sharpening Distorted Imagery through Media and Information Literacy.”

The 2-day event will happen on December 4 to 5 from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM via Zoom and Facebook Live.

The 2nd ChEnematography is divided into three competitions including LIGHTS, a TED- Talk Style Speaking Contest, which focuses on discerning truths from different reliable online sources, with the theme, “LIGHTS: Reflecting New Insights through Illuminating the Disparity between Real and Distorted Information.” All participants must be registered or enrolled as college students this current school 2021-2022 and each participating group shall be composed of four (4) to five (5) people, divided into their respective roles.

Next is CAMERA, a Photography Contest, which will capture the perspectives of the participants on mental health amidst the pandemic, with the theme, “CAMERA: Capturing the Viewpoints of Mental Health through the Lenses of Reality”. The competition is open to all individuals from all regions in Luzon and can submit their entry, regardless of their ages and can either belong to an institution or not.

Lastly, ACTION, a Short Film Making Contest which will showcase the rendition of students on the drastic effects of the pandemic in all aspects of life, with the theme, “ACTION: Exhibiting the Repercussions of the Pandemic and the Quarantine in a Cinematic Perspective.” This competition aims to showcase the different experiences during this pandemic and its effects in all aspects. The competition is open to all college students from all regions in Luzon and each participating school may send multiple groups for the competition. All entries must be original and the maximum total running time of the film is 5 minutes. Entries should HAVE NOT been submitted and/or exhibited previously in any other competitions and/or posted in any social media platform. For those entries which are not new, proof of the date of publication and where it was first used shall be presented by the competitors for entry validation. Moreover, videos that will fall on this classification will have 5% deduction on the original final score to give fairness to the newly created ones.

In addition, an online seminar will be held as part of this event in accordance with the overall theme, where the topics to be discussed are related to photography and videography.

Winners will be rewarded with cash prizes and certificates of recognition. DEADLINE of the submission of entries is on November 30, 2021.

To read full mechanics of the competition, please click HERE.

To register and participate in the different activities presented by the Junior Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers– Batangas State University (JPIChE–BatStateU) you may click the following links below for registration:

If you wish to see more updates you may check out the social media account of he Junior Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers– Batangas State University (JPIChE–BatStateU) HERE.


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