If You’re Looking for a Studio, SD2 Studios Might Be the One For You

Establishing your own production house requires a lot of hard work, courage and resources. It really takes a village. And when it comes to business, it is always about taking risks, overcoming challenges and adapting to the fast-changing world.

In our pursuit of giving the spotlight to talented individuals and teams in the creative industry, The Film Dream proudly launches a series of stories featuring companies, start-up production houses, and film outfits.

Together, let us discover these passionate people and who knows, we can collaborate or work with them in the future.


Founded by seasoned music composers Alfredo “Doy” Ongleo, together with Fred Ferraz, and sound engineer Aeneid Pajo, “SD2 Studios” came to life. Leaning on their hope of bringing quality sound to films, commercials and jingles among other projects, these trio made their dream happen by creating their own studio.

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