Coming Soon: Raymond Cultura, a Young and Talented Batangueño Filmmaker

Who would have thought that at an early age of seven, a young boy is already destined to have a love affair with films?

Yes, you read it right. Instead of just simply having fun and playing as a kid, he gave names and roles to his toys and made stories out of it. Funny as it may seem, that short anecdote alone proved he is bound to become a good storyteller.

“History is the best story,” said 23-year old Raymond Cultura, a Batangueño filmmaker who directed, "Al Basir," an award-winning student film from Lyceum of the Philippines University- Batangas.

With the unwavering support of the Department of Communication and Multimedia Arts of LPU-B, the film Al Basir came to life. It is a fictional story based on the Japanese occupation in the country with a protagonist-antagonist character who took advantage of the war to kill their enemies. The story revolved around the raging war between the Filipinos and Japanese. Amira, a Muslim woman who is one of the wives of Marik Abu, struggles to compete with his husband's other wives -- Soniah, Radiah, and Mishari. Succumbed by possessiveness and jealousy, she then murders the other wives of her husband as she takes advantage of the war against the Japanese soldiers, making everybody believe that the soldiers caused the women’s demise. What she didn’t foresee is that the real enemies are bound to destroy her utmost desire.

“We really had to consider a lot of factors when shooting this film. We did tons of research just to make sure everything is perfect and accurate. We don’t want to offend anyone’s culture or tradition so everything has to be rigorously planned and thought of,” Cultura junctured.

From the costumes, location hunting, production design, and the story, Raymond and his team of young filmmakers pulled off an impeccable period-based student film that is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable historical films ever produced by students especially in the Calabarzon region.

In fact, with their film that has sparked conversations, it is not a surprise that it eventually bagged numerous awards in three different festivals.

Gawad MASA (Mass Communication Students Association)

1. Best Sound Design

2. Best Musical Scoring

3. Best Cinematography

4. Best Production Design

5. Best Story

6. Best Film Exhibit

7. Best Actor

8. Best Actress

9. Best Director