Project Geekid: A Production Team To Help You Tell Your Story

Updated: Jan 7

Today, the age of the internet and digital world is showing no signs of slowing down. With more and more ways that mobile phones are being accessible, it's also no wonder that brands and companies continue to promote their products and services digitally.

As The Film Dream continue to track down teams of talented creatives with the goal of helping both them and the people who are looking for them, we'd like to introduce you to...


Project Geekid or PGK Productions is a company specializing in digital advertisements, corporate campaigns and audio-visual presentations. They believe that each business has their own stories to tell, stories that will help other people. In this manner, they aim to become that bridge - to take their message and transform it into something bigger and outstanding that will reach their desired audience.

The Film Dream virtually engaged with PGK Productions multi-talented Head of Creatives in a Zoom meeting discussing the said company.