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Project Geekid: A Production Team To Help You Tell Your Story

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Today, the age of the internet and digital world is showing no signs of slowing down. With more and more ways that mobile phones are being accessible, it's also no wonder that brands and companies continue to promote their products and services digitally.

As The Film Dream continue to track down teams of talented creatives with the goal of helping both them and the people who are looking for them, we'd like to introduce you to...


Project Geekid or PGK Productions is a company specializing in digital advertisements, corporate campaigns and audio-visual presentations. They believe that each business has their own stories to tell, stories that will help other people. In this manner, they aim to become that bridge - to take their message and transform it into something bigger and outstanding that will reach their desired audience.

The Film Dream virtually engaged with PGK Productions multi-talented Head of Creatives in a Zoom meeting discussing the said company.

A graduate of B.A. in Communications - Media Studies from San Beda Alabang, Emil Hembra made his dream come true in the creation of Project Geekid back in 2017.

"Nagdecide na ako to put up Project Geekid kasi 'yun naman talaga ang dream ko ever since college pa, gusto ko magkaroon ng sariling production house." Emil shared. But before the dream came to be, he worked hard and garnered relevant experience as well as the basic equipment during his employment years.

Throughout 2010 leading to 2017, he was working in local television networks as a video editor and junior segment producer, mostly at TV5 and briefly at ABS-CBN.

"It's a very risky thing to do, to go out on your own na wala kang sure na source of income." Emil compared following his dream with being secured in employment. With that, he came to an action plan that helped him transition from working a corporate job to having his own small but efficient company: He went into freelancing production. "I started shooting events," Emil went on to explain how slowly but surely he was able to acquire a stable income for the bills. After all, we can dream and work on that dream, but we're still living in reality.

Shortly after, he started Project Geekid with Blasgil Tanquilut as managing partner. "Nagmeet kami and nagja-jive 'yung skills namin. Siya more on storytelling, marketing, ako naman on the technical side. Siya rin 'yung magaling makipag-usap. Tapos parehas kami nag-di-direct, so nagkakaintindihan kami."

Slowly but surely they built up their folio, starting with free projects while gathering connections. Eventually, budgets came to be, and until now they cater digital advertisements with more and more brands.

Here's what you can expect from the professional team when you work with them:

1. Scheduled Meeting

Upon inquiring, a date where both parties agree to meet and discuss the project will be scheduled. This first step is where the following points are discussed:

- Project details

- Content ideas

- Goals

- Budget

- Target Market

"Important 'yung target market for us kasi hindi lang kami basta gumagawa ng video for the sake na may magandang video for the client," Emil explained. "Iniisip din namin kasi na syempre kaya sila nagpapagawa ng video is to market themselves or to market their products,"

The client or a brand's target market is the group of people sharing similar characteristics that their product or service are for. "Very important na nagaalign kami with them [client] in terms of if ma-ta-tap ba ng video na gagawin 'yung target market na gusto nilang ma-reach."

When asked if their clients come to them with specific details of how they want their ads to appear, Emil honestly answered that it was actually the opposite. But this does not pose a problem. "Nandito kami to help them, to give ideas," he assured that most clients present some ideas and they polish those to finalize a project, keeping in mind their target market.

Another vital point is the budget. PGK considers the client's budget to be able to smoothly work around what can be possible for the project. This is also where adjustments can be made, and expectations can be set.

When everything comes to agreement, a contract is prepared and signed.

Following the meeting, the team jumps to prepare whatever is needed depending on the type of project.

2. Preparing and Scheduling the Shoot

The schedule for shoot is set, and everything necessary for the project is prepared: the manpower or team, the materials, etc.

Depending on the location, sometimes ocular visits are made, otherwise photos are sent by the client.

3. The Shoot

The actual shoot occurs, with PGK ready on-site 3 to 4 hours before to make sure everything is ready - the light set-up, cameras, the scripts, and the storyboard.

4. Editing and Post-production

The shots are compiled and edited accordingly, the video is completed and sent to the client.

"Mayroon kaming target deadline, pero we usually send the output before the deadline," Emil said. "Para if ever may kailangan baguhin, at least may enough time pa kung may revisions."

During all this, PGK makes sure that their line of communication with their client is open. They are aware of the schedule and time of delivery, and are updated in the middle of the post-editing process. "We make sure na if ever may idea pa sila na gustong i-in-corporate sa edit, pwede sila mag-message anytime."

From beginning to end, PGK stays true to accomplishing its mission in producing creative marketing videos for companies and brands needing to be heard, and being present in helping them achieve it.


However, as for every business or company, not every project sails smoothly. We asked Emil if they experienced any extra challenging project that proved difficult, and how it turned out.

"Mayroon kaming client..." Emil began, "Ang nangyari, 'yung shoot namin na dapat 3 days, naging 1 day."

Unfortunately, PGK was not spared with the sudden lockdown that occured beginning the pandemic. "March 13 [2020] ng gabi kami dumating sa Cagayan de Oro, tapos ayun...surprise! Magkaka-lockdown ng March 15."

PGK was scheduled for a 3-day ad shooting in Mindanao when they got caught between that project and the pandemic. With such an unexpected change, Emil kept calm, followed his instincts, and decided to push the project through.

"Best effort talaga, kasi if hindi namin magagawa, kukulangin kami ng shot. Hindi din kami makakauwi ng Manila," Emil went on to explain how they slept and gathered their energy on the first night, and proceeded to do the shoot from 6am the next day until 4am the following day!

All the while, they were in constant communication with their client.

Despite the long hours and difficulty of the scenario, they were able to pull it off. "Masaya naman ako kasi naging maganda pa 'rin yung output," Emil added.

Lockdown or not, there is no stopping this team of young and creative individuals when it comes to delivering quality videos. They may not be what we can call veterans but they are definitely experienced videographers and professionals.


PGK started with just two creatives doing free projects. Soon, an Accounts Manager and Production Assistant was added to the core group, with PGK establishing partnerships with different creatives who they work with on projects. Within 4 years, they have collaborated with various brands and companies, including UniSilver Time, Guess, Uratex, and so much more.

At the present, PGK Productions is being managed by Gem Cortez and Emil Hembra. They offer different video services mainly specializing in company AVPs, commercials, and brand campaigns. Whether you're a starting or an already established company or brand, if you're looking for ways to be heard, Project Geekid wants to be there and help you achieve it. Tell them your message, and let them tell your story. Check out their works HERE.

For inquiries, you may contact them via email at or send a message to their Facebook page.

Are you ready to meet the creative world? If you are a newly-established group of creative individuals on the field producing media for events, television, music, videos, films, or some if not all of those, then, hello! We are looking for you. Allow us to share your story. Send us an email at



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