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Where to Write Your Own Story: A Guide for Writers at Heart

I started writing for a campus publication when I was 10 years old. Back then, all I knew was the idea that I needed to write because our journalism adviser needs the articles so she can start publishing and release our campus paper. My love for writing didn’t stop there because when I entered high school, and even in college, I always ended up joining the writer’s group and the school’s official publication.

Maybe, I was really bound to share my stories to the rest of the world. This may sound arrogant to some, but to be honest, writing has always been my first love, and nothing has changed through the course of time even to this day that I’m already 24.

I know for a fact that 14 years of writing, whether it be for publication, for school requirements or even for work is not enough to prove my capabilities in this field. After all, life is a never-ending learning experience. But, I am glad to share that through the years, I have discovered a lot about myself.

I can still recall the moments in the past where I used to cry because deadlines are coming and I haven’t started a 12-page article because I had a writer’s bloc. I was not in the mood to write, and words can’t just really come out. My mentor for 14 years, Zenaida Delos Santos, now a good friend of mine, advised me to write where I’m most comfortable at. At first, I was so hesitant because I am quite confused whether she’s pertaining to the medium I should use or she literally meant it-- to write wherever I want on this planet.

After months and months of challenges, deadly deadlines, cries and laughs, I found myself on a beach near our town as I worked on my last editor’s note for Phoenix, the official student publication of Lyceum of the Philippines University- Batangas back in 2016. Zenaida, whom I fondly call “Tita Zeny” was right. I just needed a brand new environment to finish my final column in college.

From then on, whenever I lack inspiration, whenever I am having a writer’s bloc, I will always go to the beach and write. Funny as it may seem, hearing the waves, watching the crystal clear water under the scorching heat of the sun has always been my go-to whenever I am in need of an ‘aha’ moment.

So, if you’re a budding writer like me, and you’re planning to write your next story you want the world to know, I am highly suggesting to discover the places you’re most comfortable working at. This global pandemic might really be a big factor to consider, but following all the health protocols in this new normal will ensure your safety.

Sharing with you some of the places you might want to pay a visit if ever you’re ready to write and share your own story:


Writing in a coffee shop is not just a silly trend because it has been proven by a lot of writers through the years. There is really a special connection with writing and coffee, which a lot of writers can truly attest. The combination of paying for a coffee and the light murmurs from other customers makes good writing. Did you even know that James Dover Grant, a British author who writes thriller novels, popularly known as “Lee Child” enjoys 20 cups of coffee in a day? Well, if that’s the case, maybe it’s about time to visit your favorite coffee shop and write.


Visiting a museum can be of great help to discover the meaningful parts of one’s identity. Taking a trip down memory lane with all the arts and exhibits will really make you feel good. It also allows you to imagine and explore which will contribute to the vivid descriptions of your stories and other write-ups. Aside from the aesthetics of a museum, it is also full of stories, cultures, history, people and places, which should be considered whenever you’re writing.


Who wouldn’t love hearing the sounds of birds chirping, the fresh air and the green trees? True enough, eco-parks are one of the favorites because of the silence and peace it brings to a writer. Some need a quiet environment when they work while others like some light music. Moreover, there are infinite spots to choose from. Whatever view you like, plus, you can sit wherever you want, just find your own spot. Indeed, aside from beautifying and enhancing a community, writers can also connect to nature and associate them to their stories.


This might sound unpopular but did you know that Reynaldo Valera Guardiano better known as “Rey Valera” considers the cemetery his studio? Almost half of his hit songs were written in a cemetery in Bulacan because he finds refuge among the dead. He shared in one of the published articles in “Balita”, a Filipino-Canadian newspaper that the peace and quiet of the graveyard inspired him to write and produce songs. So, why not give it a shot? After all, the greatest failure in life is failure to try.


Of course, I would highly recommend the beach. We are so lucky here in the Philippines because we are blessed with beautiful beaches. From the famous Boracay, Palawan, Batangas and Siargao to the undiscovered sanctuaries in Cebu and other parts of the country, name it all, you have a lot of places to choose from. Writing on a beach gives you creative freedom. Watching the sunrise and sunset, the picturesque landscape, the clear waters, and the fine white sand would grant you the serenity you need. I bet, your next film story or book might just happen on a beach, a paradise like no other.


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